Best 4K video player for Android

By | July 2, 2023

Best video player for Android without ads: Today many people have Android smartphones and everyone is fond of watching videos because in their free time, they watch videos for entertainment we often watch movies on the phone the video player is given inside the Android phone, but The video player of your phone that comes with the phone does not support HD video many times.

So if you like to watch some good and HD quality videos and your phone’s video player and your phone’s default video player is not supporting it, then today many video player applications are available on Play Store which are good and HD. Quality video is supported, so today we will also tell you about some good video player applications in which you can play good quality videos too, so see.

1 . MXPlayer

If you have an Android smartphone, then you must know about MXPlayer and if you do not know, then we tell you that Video Player is the most popular application of Android Smartphones today and it is the most popular video player because this player will definitely be found inside almost all Android Smartphones today because It supports all types of videos

And it is absolutely easy to run and you can download its simple version for free from the play store, so users install this player from the play store as soon as they buy the phone, this video player gives you many features to play videos. You can share this video from inside this video player and you can make this video player game screen brightness more or less and sound less or more. Can cost $5.99.

Download App Here

 2 . MoboPlayer

This is also a popular video player and the special thing about this video player is that in this video player, you can watch offline videos as well as online videos, if you have an internet connection then you can search for any song and watch it online. And this video player is very easy to use and supports all formats of videos, this software is made of recording technology, inside this video player, the video of the entire gallery is shown inside it, you can play any video

If you want to use a good video player, then you can install it on the Play Store and if you want some advanced features, then for that it has a different version, its price is Free/$4.99, it has been developed by euphmia.

3 . VLC

VLC is also a popular HD video player, which supports all types of videos, which all players are not able to do, this video player supports those videos, it has many advanced features inside it, this video player came for the first window, which Used to run in pc but some have already made it for the android smartphone as well so that it can support all types of videos and today this video player has become very popular video player.

This video player has a wide range of audio courses, including H.264 and MP4. Supports if you know how to use a great video player, you can install it on the Play Store, it is installed absolutely free.

Download App Here

4 . BS Player

BS Player is also an Android video player application this video player is simple and easy to use because this android video player runs on single and dual quad-core processors and it supports ARMv6 and ARMv5 also very advanced features inside this video player it will play all formats of video inside your smartphone, no matter what quality of hd video it supports if you install its simple version, it is free and if you want to install its pro version with some advanced features. If you want to do it, it costs $6.75.

 Download App Here

5 . QQPlayer

QQPlayer is also one of the best video players and this video player supports all formats of videos like Mp4, MPV, Mp3, 3gp, etc. And the most important thing is that this video player also supports 3D videos and Inside you can also watch online videos and take screenshots of any video and inside this video player there is a very advanced feature so that you can convert video to audio and if you have to install a video player So you can install free from play store.

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