Easy Ways to Get Match, Girlfriend, Friends from the Internet

By | June 4, 2022

For friends, maybe those who are still single or single , both men and women who want to have a potential partner such as a wife, husband, boyfriend, or friend, now it’s not as difficult as it used to be because the internet and social media applications make it easier for us to connect with people. Not a few who find a partner through cyberspace.

Here are tips and ways on how to easily get friends or girlfriends through the internet.


1. Use a chat application that can be used to find a partner including:

A. Tinder

Tinder is an application that is devoted to finding a partner, this Tinder application has a people nearby feature  that can search for or find users with the closest distance, to use this application you just swipe right if you like it and if you don’t like it swipe left. Wait for confirmation from him, if he is active and interested it will confirm your friendship. You can also sort the ones you want to display as women or men.

Download Tinder Android

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B. Scout

Scout is also the same as the Tinder application specifically for finding a partner, the advantage of this application is that you can directly send messages/chat directly without the need to become friends or confirm from the person you add to your friends list.

Download Scout Android

Download Scout iOS

C. Badoo

Bdoo matchmaking applications or friends like Tinder and Scout, the advantage of this application is that you can send chat expressions in the form of stickers, see similar interests and determine a location to meet.

Download Badoo Android

Download Badoo iOS

D. Other chat apps

Many applications to find a partner or soul mate on the Google Play Store or App Store that can be downloaded for free have more or less the same features as the 3 applications above that can use the people nearby feature such as OkCupid, MeowChat, Wavoo, Paktor, Yogrt, Paktor, Woo even messenger applications Wechat, BeeTalk and LINE can also be used using the people nearby feature . If you have a more interesting and easy to use partner search application reference, you can share it in the comments


2. After you have installed an application that is devoted to finding the next partner, use a very attractive profile photo that looks wow or cool! don’t just upload 1 photo but as many as you think are very interesting and worthy to be displayed.


3. Next, add to your contacts all the people in the application that you think are interesting, not just 1 but as many as possible.


4. After adding the contact then give greetings and greetings to him, don’t just say hi! but give greetings that people don’t usually mention or don’t stale things! for example, you can give greetings and comment on his profile photo, for example asking that again where I seem to be interesting where you took the photo, or comment on the style he looks like, but don’t insult him and also pay attention to his information such as where he lives, college/work place, the object can be used for the initial topic of introduction. Remember not to ask unnecessary and stupid questions!


5. After he responds to all your chats, ask him to chat first to make him comfortable and make the conversation not dry.


6. After he feels comfortable and connected when he is spoken to, then next is your opportunity to invite him to meet, try in a place that is affordable for him, and don’t take him in a place he doesn’t like, especially if he doesn’t know. Don’t scare him because of the place you’re meeting with. Don’t forget to look very attractive so that when you meet him he is interested in you and continue your previous chats in chat.


7. This is the last step, after you have known him, met and you are interested in him. Take him somewhere he likes, such as a tourist spot, invite him to watch a movie or karaoke and then dare yourself to hold his hand whether it’s when you’re walking, crossing the street or watching a movie at the cinema and so on. Remember not to be excessive or disrespectful, just be appropriate! If he responds and wants to be touched by his hand, he doesn’t refuse, it means he has responded & is interested in you. After that the last move is to say love to him!

good luck

Disclaimer:For Educational Purposes Only.

Disclaimer:- For Educational Purposes Only.

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