Easy Ways to Make 3D Cartoon Videos on CapCut

By | October 22, 2021

Along with technological advances, there are now various kinds of photo editing applications and video editing applications that can be downloaded easily and used for free. Does not require a computer device; only with an Android cellphone, we can easily edit the appearance of photos or videos easily, quickly, and for free.


On the Play Store; There are many video editing applications available, one of which is the CapCut application. This CapCut application is fairly new, but its popularity is sticking out thanks to the effects contained in it. These effects will of course make your photos and videos have a unique and extraordinary look.


One of the newest effects and of course that is currently popular is the 3D cartoon effect. By using this 3D cartoon effect, you can make your video display a 3D cartoon display. How? Very interesting isn’t it? Just one click and it doesn’t take long, you can easily create a 3D cartoon look in your video.


But if someone is still confused, how does the 3D cartoon look like? You must have watched or glimpsed an ad from Shaun The Sheep’s children’s animation. Well, that’s less like the appearance of your video that has been converted into a 3D cartoon later.


1. Download the CapCut video editing application first or update the CapCut application that is already installed on your Android device.

2. After success, just open the CapCut application and click + New Project . Then the Videos folder and one or more videos that you want to give a 3D cartoon effect to. Once the video is selected, click the Add button .

3. Click on a video, and then select the Styles folder . Find and select the 3D Cartoon effect .

4. Wait a moment until the CapCup application finishes making the video into a 3D display. Finished; click the check in the lower right corner to save the effect in your video and do the same steps as above to convert another video into a 3D cartoon display. Or click the export icon to directly save the video to your Android device gallery.


How easy is it to turn your video into a 3D cartoon video? Just one click in the CapCut application, you can easily display 3D cartoons in your videos. Thank you and good luck.