Easy Ways to Show Unique Posts on WhatsApp Status

By | August 3, 2022

As one of the most popular chat applications, of course the WhatsApp application is equipped with supporting features. With these various features, we can be more comfortable when using the WhatsApp application. What’s more, the WhatsApp application is one application that is commonly used in daily activities.

Talking about the features in the WhatsApp application, there will be no end because the WhatsApp application is one application that quite often adds new features in its application. One of the features of WhatsApp that is quite often used by WhatsApp users is the Status feature. How come? By utilizing the Status feature we can share various kinds of posts, ranging from text messages, photos, and videos. Even recently, WhatsApp status is also used to promote products.


Text messages are one of the posts that are quite often used by WhatsApp users. In this text message, we can write various kinds of information that we want to share. Before sending a text message to the status menu, we can choose the type of font and background that we want to apply to our WhatsApp status. But unfortunately, the available font choices are only a few types of fonts.


Actually, to be able to display unique fonts in text messages on WhatsApp status, it is not difficult. We can take advantage of the site or font generator application. through the site and the font generator application, we can display various kinds of unique posts on WhatsApp status. What’s more, there are now many font generator sites and applications that can be used for free.


1. Open the browser application on your smartphone device and then open any font generator site. Or, we can also use the font generator application that is already installed on our smartphone device.

2. Here, the author uses a font generator site called Lingojam.com . To create a unique writing, we simply type the text that we want to appear in the column that is already available. Automatically, the site will display a variety of unique writing options. Choose one of the unique posts that we want to appear on WhatsApp status. Block the text and then press the Copy button .

3. Now open the WhatsApp application and then just go to the Status menu . Paste or paste the unique writing in the status column. Press the Send button and you’re done, more or less the following displays some unique posts on WhatsApp status.

Just a few simple steps, now we can display various unique posts on WhatsApp status. Actually, in addition to displaying these unique posts on WhatsApp status, we can use these unique writings in our WhatsApp chats.