How to Add Private Audio in Canva Android

By | April 1, 2022

Want to add your own audio when editing animations in Canva? Let’s find out how in the following article.

Canva is a graphic design platform that we can use to edit photos, create posters or even simple animations. Canva application is quite popular and widely used. Not only by professionals, but also many beginners who use this application because of its convenience to create attractive designs without having to have adequate skills .

On Canva itself, we can create various designs, from posters, YouTube covers , social media stories , presentations, mobile videos and many other designs that you can easily apply in Canva.


Just like any other application, Canva also has its own features, such as adding audio to the designs we create. Canva itself actually provides free, royalty-free music that we can use, although some may be paid.

Then can we add our own songs or sounds ? Yep, it’s very doable. Although later the features for audio editing are very minimal, because as we know Canva is an application for graphic design, not graphic audio.


1. Please create a new project or use an existing template, for example as shown in the image below. If you have tapped the plus icon in the lower left corner to add audio or sound .

2. On the next menu select the Uploads menu then at the top select the Audio bar . Next select Upload Media again and select the audio you want to use. Make sure the format is Mp3 or M4a.

3. Wait for the upload process for a while, if you have double tap on the audio that has been uploaded to enter the project that is being used. You can use the menu at the bottom to edit the audio such as trimming, increasing or decreasing the volume and adding effects. If everything is done, you can save the project along with the audio by tapping the upload icon at the top.


Even though the audio editing features are minimal, this is certainly enough, considering the other features in this application. Well, if you want to add other sound effects or add additional editing to other sounds, you can, edit them first in another application and then enter them in the Canva application. Good luck and hopefully useful!

Disclaimer:- For Educational Purposes Only.

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