How to Change the Color of Objects in Photos in PicsArt

By | October 22, 2021

Want your photos to come alive? Come on, see how to change the color of your photo object to make it look more attractive.


For those of us who are generally not reliable photographers, we may often find the photos we take seem unsatisfactory. Whether it’s seen in terms of brightness, background , object or other things that are of concern to the photo.

One and the most striking is the color composition of the photos we take. For example, when we have taken pictures of landscapes or something else, the object is good, but sometimes the background color is still not good.

Now you don’t have to worry, it’s very easy to deal with. Especially now that technology has become more sophisticated, by using a little touch from editing applications on smartphones , we can maximize the photos we have taken to make them more interesting. We can adjust the color of the photo object so that the results do not disappoint.


To combine good colors, of course we also need applications that have adequate features, such as PicsArt. This editing application is known to be very good in its field, when it comes to editing, you can say that PicsArt is also not inferior to software on computers. The good thing is that you can edit anywhere, anytime, and it’s easy to access it just in your hand.


1. Open your respective PicsArt application, if you don’t have it, download it here first .

2. Tap the plus icon to start editing, then select the image you want to edit . If you have entered the editing menu, tap the FX or effects menu .

3. On the Effect menu, select the Color menu again, then tap on the Replacement effect . Tap the plus icon then point the large circle to the area you want to change the color. To change the color, you just need to move the slider on the Change Color menu , Min color , Max Color . You can also tap the plus icon again to add other color combinations and if you have, tap the checklist at the top.

4. More or less the results are as above, and to save it tap the download icon in the top menu bar .


Well, with the tutorial above you can liven up, or maximize the results of your photos. What was previously normal is now more interesting and colorful.