How to Convert Text to Table in Ms Word

By | August 3, 2022

Whether it’s a PC or smartphone, it can no longer be separated from people’s daily lives. How come? With the existence of these two devices, it is very helpful for daily activities and work. Work becomes easier and faster thanks to these two devices.

To be able to help with daily activities and work, both PC and smartphone devices must be equipped with work support applications. One of the applications that must be on a PC device is the Ms.Word application. By using this application, we can create various kinds of documents such as reports, letters, theses and other types of documents.


In the Ms.Word application, there are various features that can be used to create documents, including the table feature. By taking advantage of the table feature, we can create tables easily and quickly directly in the Ms.Word application. But, did you know that in the Ms.Word application we can convert text into a table, you know?.

To be able to convert text into a table in the Ms.Word application is very easy and simple. Just a few steps, the table you need is ready. What’s more, there is absolutely no difference converting text to a table in Windows 7 and Windows 10.


1. Open one of the Ms.Word files that you want to make a table or file in which there is text that you want to use as a table. Make sure the table already has separators such as paragraphs, taps, commas (,) or others. Here the author uses a dash (-).

2. After the file is ready, block all the text that you want to make a table . Then click the Insert menu and select the Table menu . To be able to convert text into a table, click the Convert Text to Table menu .

3. In the Convert Text to Table column, we need to do some settings. Like selecting the AutoFit to contents feature in the AutoFit behavior column . And, then in the Separate text at column select the text separator. Because here the author uses a dash (-) separator, select the Other column and enter a separator in the available column. Click OK .

4. Done, the text will automatically turn into a table. This is more or less what the finished table looks like.

It’s easy isn’t it, converting text into a table in Ms.Word. It doesn’t take long and only takes a few seconds, we can easily convert text into tables easily and quickly.