How to Make a 3D Avatar on Instagram

By | June 12, 2022

New features that exist on a platform or social media will surely make many users curious. Just like the 3D avatar feature that was recently released on the Instagram application. So, want to know how to use it? Read the article below to the end.


Some time ago the Instagram developer announced the launch of the 3D avatar feature for Instagram. However, previously this feature was not directly implemented for all Instagram users. Even so, in the latest update , the 3D avatar feature can now be tried and used.

We can find this new feature when we access the Stickers menu when we are going to create a Story .


A little about what 3D Avatar Instagram is, for those of you who don’t know, so 3D Avatar is a 3D or 3-dimensional character where you can customize your own avatar parts starting from the face, clothes you wear, accessories and so on.

Besides being able to custom your own body parts, you can also add various styles or poses, such as laughing, sad, crying poses and many others.

Even though it looks interesting, unfortunately the 3D avatar that is presented by Instagram is only a static image, just standing still and not moving.


1. Open your Instagram application, then create a story as usual. Tap on the menu or sticker icon .

2. There will be a lot of Sticker menus that we usually use, then select the Avatar menu . If the Avatar menu has not come out, you can first update the Instagram application. Then tap the Get Started menu at the bottom.

3. There are many choices of Avatar or Avatar templates that you can use. Select one then tap Personalize . Next you can customize your own Avatar model starting from the body, eyebrows, clothes and others. To adjust to the appearance, you can tap the glass icon to take a selfie.

4. Tap Done then select Save Changes . A notification will appear that the Avatar is being updated , tap the Next menu again .

5. Now, if the 3D Avatar sticker has appeared, you can choose one. The result will be more or less like below when applied to Story .


According to Inwepo, this new feature introduced by Instagram certainly adds to its own excitement when creating a Story . Not to mention, we can adjust the 3D characters and adjust them according to our own wishes. Good luck and hopefully add insight to all of you!

Disclaimer:- For Educational Purposes Only.

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