How to Make Automated Presentations with AI

By | March 17, 2023

Artificial intelligence  is a technology that was first developed by a famous computer scientist in the 50s, John McCarthy. This technology is designed to be able to do jobs that are generally done by humans but on an unlimited time & scale.

The development of this technology is increasing rapidly, especially after Digital Equipment Corporation  discovered the R1 system to facilitate configuration on new computer systems. Until now,  Artificial Intelligence  or what we are familiar with as  AI,  has become a common part that we often encounter in everyday life.

Yes,  AI  is now widely used in various spheres of human life, especially regarding the effectiveness of certain activities. One of them is the activity of making presentations.

AI  can make it easier for us to be able to make  presentation slides  automatically and quickly. Technology like this is what we need especially at crucial times (aka tight) and don’t have enough time to research presentation materials beforehand.

Then where can you make automatic presentation slides using  AI? The answer is in .

TOME. APP is a part of DALL·E 2 specifically for the purpose of creating  automatic presentation slides  . DALL·E 2 itself is a website  that allows its users to be able to create images automatically by simply inputting certain text.

Similar to DALL·E 2, also has the same way of working. Users only need to type what text or topic they want to be used as a presentation slide  . itself is in the form of  a web application,  and is as easy to use as Canva .


1. First, open the  site first. Register or create your account first on the site

2. Here the author chooses to synchronize  the author’s Google  account to be able to use Don’t forget to create  your Workspace  name.

3. The most interesting thing is,  will give a changing prize of 50 credits  and 100x free access to  the magical content  feature for each of your referral links  used by other users.

4. This is the main view of  the web application. As you can see in it, there are various menus such as  notifications, recent, personal, shared with me, Free (the name of the Workspace that the author previously created), and  Deleted. You can invite your friends to join the previously created Workspace  .

To be able to make automatic presentation slides , press the Create button in the right corner of the web application. After that, continue by entering the title and topic of what you want to be an automatic presentation slide in the Create a presentation about& section.

7. Here the author wants  to be able to make automatic presentations about  artificial intelligence. The image below is an  AI  process that is  automatically creating a presentation slide  .

8. This is the result of an automatic presentation slide created by AI. You can change any text or images on  the slide  at will. You can share  the results of this presentation slide with other friends through the  existing Share  feature. The way it works is similar to the  Share  feature on  Google Slides.

9. Use the features on the right to make  your presentation slide content feel more original.


AI  is a technology that makes it easier for us to do work more effectively and efficiently automatically. One of the jobs that can be automated is making  presentation slides  . We can easily do this work using  the tools  from the DALL·E 2  section called Only by inputting  certain text or topics into it,  the presentation slides will automatically come out.