How to Make Moving Photos with Telegram

By | March 1, 2022

Photos are static or still images. It feels less interesting when compared to the video. But what if the still photo moves like a video? Surely it will be more interesting is not it? Well, you must try the method with the tips below.

Some time ago it went viral, making photos of dead people move or seem to be alive and look at us. This can be done with the help of the My Heritage app or website . The web is able to turn photos that were silent into short videos that seem to come alive. For some, of course, this is quite amazing, and brings back memories for those who are left behind.

Apparently, Telegram also has the same features and we can also make still photos more alive and moving. Of course, this can be done with the help of bots in the Telegram application. The results are no less interesting than the My Heritage application


This RoundDFBot is probably the only bot on Telegram that has features similar to My Heritage . Not to mention that this bot is also very easy to use because it supports the Indonesian language.


Before entering this tutorial , you are required to prepare 2 files, namely the photo file that will be edited and the second video file that is used as a sample to make the photo move. So the photo moves to follow the motion of the video that we send.


1. You can directly open your respective Telegram application, then tap on the search icon then search for ” roundDFBot “. If you have entered into the bot and tap the Start menu .

2. Next there will be a reply from the bot , just choose Indonesian . Then tap the Start menu at the bottom of the chat menu .

3. Send the photo that you want to turn into motion by using the attachment menu. When the photo is ready, you can submit a video to make it move. You can also use video samples that are in the bot database , just tap the blue @roundDFDB text . Select the video model to use, then tap Use this video .

4. If everything is ready, you will get a reply from the progress of the edited photo . To save a moving photo, all you have to do is tap the 3 -dot icon or the timer then select Save to Download .


Sophisticated isn’t the RoundDF bot ? Even so, there is a note that you should pay attention to where the bot process is quite time-consuming because of the long queues of many users who want to make moving photos, finally you have to queue. But don’t worry, you will see a waiting time for you to see the ongoing process time.


Disclaimer:- For Educational Purposes Only.

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