How to make ringtone from song

By | June 4, 2022

It’s been confirmed for you smartphone users, music is one of the content that must fill your cellphone storage, whether for entertainment, or hobbies. So it is not uncommon for music to be made into ringtones or SMS tones, call tones, and notification tones, replacing system ringtones that may be less interesting to hear.

But sometimes too, the duration of the music is too long just for an SMS and notification tone. But don’t worry, with this tutorial, you can choose the part of the sound and the duration of the tone according to what you need for the size of a ringtone . You just need to follow these steps:


1. Download the MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker Application

2. Once installed , open it.

Because the goal is to cut, on the initial screen just tap the Cut A Song Music option.

3. Then tap the Search  column to make it easier to find the music you want. Once found, you choose.

4. After the intonation image of the musical tone you selected appears, use the two line buttons on the screen, each of which functions to determine the opening and ending of the music.

5. To make it easier at the bottom of the screen, there are previous, play, and next icons that you can use. After everything is done, you tap  the diskette icon in the top corner to go to the saving stage.

6. You can change the name of your edited tone by specifying the tone type. And after that save, then OK.

Done, you can use your ringtone. How about it, it’s easy.

How to make ringtone of your name?

1. First of all, you have to go to the site of FDMR . Click here to visit-

Go To FDMR Website

2. There you will see the option of ” Search Ringtones ” above. Click there. (see image below)

3. New page will open. Search Box will appear in it. Enter your name there and click on the Search button.

4. Then, the ringtone list will open with your name. Whichever ringtone you like, a new page will open by clicking on the link below.

5. Now there will be a download button in the new page. Download Ringtone from there.

In this way you can download the ringtone of your choice for free. If you can’t find ringtone in your name. So you can create with Android Apps. His information is at the bottom. In this way, by searching your Naam, you can download and install Mp3 tune in the phone .

How To Download Ringtone From Your Name Ringtone?

Like I taught above to download ringtone. Similarly, you can download ringtone from the website mentioned below as well. Click here to make your own Naam ringtone.

How to make name ringtone from App?

If you do not find it easy to make from the FDMR website. So it doesn’t matter. Here you can learn another way to make name ringtone from FDMR App. You must have Android mobile. Download and install the FDMR App below. Then search by entering the name. and download it.

Disclaimer:- For Educational Purposes Only.

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