How to Make Twibbon Videos on Android

By | March 17, 2023

Often see twibbon in someone’s profile photo? Well, maybe twibbon photos are used to it, this time we’re going to make twibbon videos, with only a smartphone it’s more exciting because the pictures move.


If there is a big event or big day, we often see someone using a frame in their photo related to that event . The photo frame is Twibbon.

So this twibbon is a frame or photo frame that someone uses to beautify their photo for the purpose of promoting or campaigning for something.


The more here the development of the times the better. For that creative ideas began to emerge. We can now change Twibbon, which was just an ordinary photo, into a moving video. So it can be enjoyed more than just still images.

Of course using this type of video twibbon, it also has the advantage where we can add running text, animation, sound to moving images.


So, to make a twibbon video, what we definitely need is a video editor . And highly recommended is the CapCut application. Where is this capcut even though it works only from a cellphone but has features that are also not inferior to computer devices. Capcut itself also supports video overlays , chroma keys , keyframes and other cool features.

For those of you who are interested in trying to make a twibbon video. Go straight to the tutorial below!


1. Here you need   the Background remover and Capcut applications.

2. Enter your browser first then type ” Twibbonize ” and enter the site. Select the twibbon you want to use then  tap select photo. For the photos, you can use one-color abstract photos to make them easy to remove.

3. If the image has been uploaded and entered into Twibbon, tap the Next menu to download Twibbon. Next, enter the Backgroud remover application , then tap Load a photo and select the twibbon photo that you downloaded earlier.

4. Use the Auto Color menu to delete parts, then don’t forget to use the smooth menu to remove the remaining remaining colors, then tap Save to save the results.

5. Enter the Capcut application then tap the New Project menu . Enter the video you want to use on Twibbon first.

6. Tap the Ratio menu then change the ratio to 1:1

7. Select the Overlay menu then tap the Add Overlay menu then select the twibbon photo that has been removed in the middle using the Background remover application .

8. Please adjust the size of the twibbon and video to match the ratio. Don’t forget to extend the duration of the twibbon according to the video you are using. Finally, all you have to do is tap the Upload menu to save the results to the smartphone gallery .


Twibbon is the best way to campaign or enliven an existing event. If you are used to using twibbon photos, then you must try twibbon videos like the method above. Good luck and make your best twibbon!!!