How to Remove Objects from Photos in Adobe Photoshop

By | October 22, 2021

You’re taking a photo and something is disturbing the object by filling the frame ? If it’s like that, of course, it’s annoying because the photos are not perfect. Don’t let yourself not upload your photo to social media because of the nuisance object, OK!

Grateful that there is a way that can be done to remove objects in your photos like magic. Want to know?


Who doesn’t know Photoshop? This photo editing application is very popular in various circles. Photoshop was developed by the company Adobe Systems as photo or bitmap editing software . This application is able to edit or manipulate photos with a variety of features that are quite complete. All you have to do is use your creativity to come up with an amazing new image.

Photoshop is constantly evolving and comes with many versions. Adjust the Photoshop version that’s right for your device and don’t go wrong, download it!


Photoshop has tons of features that you can use to edit and manipulate photos. Especially for removing photo objects, you must use the Lasso Tool (L) and Fill.

When using the  lasso tool (L)  as much as possible you have to be as neat as possible when selecting it so that disturbing objects in the photo can be completely lost. Sometimes the object of the photo cannot be completely lost or scarred because it is not neat when selecting. So, be careful in selecting objects, yes.


1. Select the photo that you want to remove the object from. For example in the photo below, we will remove the female object in the photo.

2. Open the photo in Photoshop by clicking CTRL+O on the keyboard. Then select the file to remove the object, tap Open.

3. Select the Lasso Tool (L) to select the object.

4. Select the object to be removed neatly so that later it can be perfect. For example, in the photo below, we select the female object.

5. Have you finished selecting? Now right click and select Fill . In the Contents section select Content-Aware and make sure the opacity is 100% . Tap OK.

6. Not magic, not magic. The object in the photo is completely lost! Don’t forget to click Ctrl+D so that the selection line disappears. After that you can save it in your folder.


Actually there are many ways to remove objects in photos in other applications. However, using Adobe Photoshop is one of the perfect ways to remove distracting objects from photos. The key lies in the two features discussed in the tutorial above.

Disclaimer:- For Educational Purposes Only.

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