How to Take Selfie Photos in Instagram Story Posts

By | February 1, 2022

Instagram is one of the social media applications that must be owned by smartphone users. How come? Not only as a means of sharing photos, now the Instagram application can also be used as a means of sharing information. We can get various kinds of interesting information from inside and outside the country.


Talking about features, the Instagram Story menu is one of the menus that gets new features the most. One of the newest features in the Instagram Story menu is taking selfies in Instagram Story posts. This feature is called Cam or Camera.

Previously, there was an Add menu that could add your photos to Instagram Story posts. However, you can only use photos that are already available in your device gallery. With this Camera feature, you can now photograph directly the object you want to add to your Instagram Story post.


1. To be able to add the camera feature in the Instagram Story Stickers menu, first upgrade the Instagram application on your Android device to the latest version. After the application has been successfully upgraded, just open the Instagram application on your Android device.

2. Open the Story menu and then create a photo or video post according to your needs. Add text or music according to your needs. Before the Instagram Story post is uploaded, press the Stickers menu . Scroll down the Stickers menu and tap the Camera feature .

3. Then the Camera menu will appear. Select the object you want to photograph and then press the camera icon to take a photo of the object . Keep in mind that you can only use the front camera of your Android device. More or less the display of photos in the Instagram Story posts.

4. Tap once to give the photo a circle frame . Double tap to give the photo a square frame . Triple tap to display a borderless photo .

5. You can also reduce and enlarge the size of the photo and move the photo to the position you want. More or less the following photo display on Instagram Story Posts.


By taking advantage of the Camera feature in the Instagram Story menu, now we can easily take selfies in Instagram posts. We can also give a frame to the selfie photo. There are two frames that can be used, namely a circle and a square. How? Interesting isn’t it? Do the easy steps as above to add your selfie photo on Instagram Story.

Disclaimer:- For Educational Purposes Only.

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