How to View All Our Comments on YouTube Account

By | June 12, 2022

In addition to subscribing and liking, leaving comments on YouTube videos that we watch is a form of appreciation or support for the channel whose videos we watch. Comments on YouTube videos, not only always contain praise about the content of the video, we can also provide constructive criticism and suggestions for the channel.


Comments that have been sent generally cannot be seen again, unless we look for them in the comments column of the YouTube video. So, we need to re-open the YouTube video we commented on. But, did you know that there is a practical way to look back at all the comments you’ve posted on YouTube videos that have been commented on.

Actually, when we comment on a video in the YouTube application, the comment will be recorded automatically in your Google account. You can simply look for a menu called Comments on YouTube to be able to re-display all comments that you have submitted in the YouTube application. You can see all comments, from the latest comments to the oldest comments that you posted on the YouTube application.


1. Open the Google application on your Android device and then tap the profile photo in the upper right corner of the main Google application page. Select the Google account that you use in the YouTube app. Press the Manage your Google Account menu .

2. On the Google Account page, select the Data & Privacy folder and then select the My Activity menu .

3. Since we want to display all our comments on our YouTube account, select the YouTube History menu . Then find and select the Manage history link .

4. To see all the interactions you have in the YouTube app, on the My Activity page , select the Interactions folder . Then there will be several interactions that you have done in the YouTube application, one of which is comments. Find and select the Comments menu on YouTube .

5. Before you can see all your comments on YouTube you need to verify yourself for security purposes, press the Verify button .

6. Type in your Google account password and then press the Next button . Done, now the Google application will display all your comments in the YouTube application.

Done. It’s easy not to look back at all the comments you’ve posted on the YouTube app. The Google app will display all comments, from the newest comment to the oldest comment you’ve ever posted. Do some of the steps above, to look back at the comments you’ve sent on the YouTube application.

Disclaimer:- For Educational Purposes Only.

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