The Easy Way to Transfer WhatsApp from Android to the Latest iPhone 2023

By | March 18, 2023

WhatsApp chat content is currently a valuable thing, because there is information about conversations, photos, videos and documents, when we want to upgrade our Android phone to an iPhone, we will definitely have problems with the WhatsApp chat application on an Android phone. because WhatsApp does not provide a feature to move chat content to iPhone or iOS devices.

Like the author’s experience, experiencing something like this is that it is difficult to move the contents of the Android WA chat to the iPhone because WhatsApp does not provide this instant feature, so how can the author finally transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone ? the only way is with the help of a 3rd party application, the method is actually quite easy, so how do you do it? see the following tutorial.

Before following this tutorial, make sure you have backed up chats either locally or online with Google Drive and disabled encrypted backups on your WhatsApp Android. So if it fails you don’t need to worry because you can restore it again on Android with Google Drive.

How to Backup WhatsApp :

Open WA, select the 3 point menu in the upper right corner, select Settings  Chats  Chat backup  Disable (off) End-to-end encrypted backup  then select Back up to Google drive then select the Google/Gmail account you want to use. Then click the Back up button. Finished.

In this tutorial, the author wants to move chat from a Samsung Android cellphone to iPhone 13 using the latest iOS 16 version. This tutorial requires a Laptop computer and USB cable. Because currently there is no application that can directly transfer chat content from Android to iPhone without the help of a computer.

1. The first step, download and install the WhatsGo application, after it has been successfully installed on your laptop or PC, then run WhatsGo and click the Start button .

2. In the WhatsGo software, there are 3 menu options for how to transfer WhatsApp chats to iPhone, namely:

  • By directly connecting the two devices together to a laptop or PC.
  • Transfer chat via Google Drive online backup to iPhone or,
  • Do a local backup to laptop with WhatsGo then transfer to iPhone.

Please choose the method which is easiest for you. in this tutorial will explain the direct chat transfer from Android to iPhone.

3. Next, connect your Android phone to a laptop or PC using a USB cable, then a notification will appear on the Android phone, select and allow “USB debugging” .

4. Next, also connect the iPhone to the Laptop or PC using a USB charger cable and a message will appear asking for ” Trust ” permission on the iPhone screen then give permission, if the Android and iPhone phones have been connected to the Laptop or PC and give permission, a message will appear. Connected successfully on the WhatsGo software.

4. Next, if both HPs are connected and you see the message connected successfully, then select the Transfer button and click Continue to continue.

5. Then on the iPhone you will be asked to disable Find my iPhone in your iPhone settings, follow the instructions and pictures according to the WhatsGo software.

6. Then select all the files that you want to transfer to iPhone, select Select All to transfer all chats in the form of text, images, video, audio, voice notes, stickers, animated gifs and document files. Then click the Continue button.

7. Next you will be asked to enable End-to-end encrypted backup . You can follow this method or skip without needing to activate ecrypted backup by clicking ” Try the workaround here “. then you will be given another method, namely by verifying the WhatsApp telephone number used, enter the WA number and click the Verify button .

8. Next, log in to WhatsApp on your iPhone, let WhatsApp on Android log out/exit itself, even though the chat isn’t on the iPhone yet, it’s okay, you don’t need to worry because previously it was backed up on Android and Google Drive.

9. If so, then wait for the transfer process to transfer WhatsApp Android chat to iPhone, don’t remove the Android and iPhone USB cables, wait for the process to finish. Later on your iPhone screen there will be a message “Transfer Process” just leave it.

Transferred WhatsApp successfully, congratulations, your WA chat has been successfully transferred to iPhone, please open WA on your iPhone to check it. Finished.

If in this last step you haven’t logged into WhatsApp on your iPhone, the chat transfer will fail, so please repeat or directly transfer chat via restore chat via Google Drive.


1. For how to transfer WhatsApp chats from Google Drive Android to iPhone, this is an alternative for those of you who have backed up WhatsApp accounts or chats on Android to Google Drive before, even though your Android phone is gone or sold or damaged, there are no problems because the chats are backed up previously in a Google account.

2. Make sure you have installed the WhatsGo software on your PC or laptop computer which has been provided in the link above. Then select the menu ” Restore WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive “

3. Next, please log in to the Google account that you used to back up WhatsApp on an old Android phone. then if you have successfully entered select ” i will be using this device “.

4. The next step will show information about our previous WhatsApp backup account. Then click the Download button .

  1. Wait for the download process to finish. Then later you will be asked to log in to WhatsApp on your iPhone and ask for verification of the WhatsApp phone number you are using.
  2. Then select the Restore to Device button.
  3. Connect your iPhone device with a USB cable to the Laptop or PC that is currently being used. Then select the iPhone device that is currently connected to the computer and detected on WhatsGo. Don’t forget to give  Trust  permission on iPhone screen when connecting iPhone to computer.

7. Wait for the restore process to finish, do not unplug the iPhone USB cable or turn off your computer until the data restore process is successful! Congratulations, your WhatsApp chat has moved to your new iPhone!

Finished. How easy is it to transfer WhatsApp Android to iPhone or restore WhatsApp Google Drive to iPhone? good luck.


About WhatsGo at a glance, this application can be used to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone, transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android or transfer WhatsApp to a new phone or back up WhatsApp chats. WhatsGo has a user friendly GUI that makes it easy to use even for ordinary people.

WhatsGo features

  • One-click to transfer WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business between Android and iOS.
  • Various types of data including WhatsApp messages, images, videos, contacts, documents, etc
  • Backup WhatsApp on Android & iOS to computer and free up device space completely.
  • Preview and Restore WhatsApp backup or iTunes backup whenever you want.
  • Back up WhatsApp (Business) data without Google Drive, iTunes or iCloud.
  • compatible with the latest Android 13 and iOS 16 or below.

WhatsGo is a premium application, if you want to use the full WhatsGo feature you have to buy it, for a relatively cheap price that is pocket-friendly, which is around $ 16 USD but you can get a price of $ 11 USD or around 150 thousand if you use the following coupon code PLAB30S

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