Top 5 photo editing app free

By | June 4, 2022

Photo editing apps is such a tool that simply adds four moons to the photo. In today’s time, even after having a good camera phone, there is still some drawback on clicking the photo like Brightness, Contrast and Saturation of the photo. These 5 best photo editing apps will fix all the deficiencies.

If you also want to edit photos, then with the help of these Top 5 Best Photo Editing App for Android in Hindi , you will be able to apply different types of filters, photos, stickers, stylish text to any photo, as well as background, color of your photo. You can change the shape size of the photo.

Top 5 photo editing app free

#1 PicsArt Photo Editing App

PicsArt is such an editing app that you can also call the master of all editing apps because with the help of this app you can do all the work that other photo editing apps do, and this app can be used in both Android and iOS platforms. You can download and use it absolutely for free, however its paid version is also available, which can be purchased by paying some money, in which you get more types of filters, templates, and stickers.

Features of PisArt App

  • You can cut the shape and size of the photo as per your wish, like if you want to share the photo in Instagram app , then you can crop the photo in (1000×1000) Ratio,
  • Using the PicsArt photo editing app, you will be able to manually cut and separate the background of the photo and change the entire background.
  • You can apply different types of filters or effects like HDR, Sketch, Blur, Artistic, Magic, Shadow, Rainy to any photo you want,
  • You can apply stickers present in any other photo, text and PicsArt in the photo itself,
  • Short videos can also be edited through this app.

#2 Snapseed Photo Editing App

Snapseed app is second among 5 best photo editor apps because it is exactly like PicsArt and works just like PicsArt, only a few less filters are seen in it and the best part is that it is a Google’s own editing It is an app that both Android and iOS users can download and use for free on their phones.

Features of Snapseed

  • Through this app, anyone can convert a simple photo into a completely professional photo,
  • Different types of unique filters are available in this, which can be used in your photos,
  • Due to the simple user interface of the Snapseed App, anyone can edit the photo very easily,
  • You can convert photos from normal to HDR and vintage look photos,
  • You can increase or decrease the Brightness, Shadows, Saturation, Ambiance, Highlight, Warmth of the photo according to you,
  • With the help of Snapseed, you will be able to remove unwanted things and facial scars, spots, pimples,

Snapseed Download – Both Android and iOS users can download this photo editing app from Play Store and App Store.

#3 Adobe Lightroom Photo Editing App

Friends, as you all know, Adobe company is mostly famous for making photo editing software for computers, but now Adobe’s Best Photo Editing App in Hindi like Andobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop Express, Adobe Photoshop Fix, Adobe Photoshop Mix and also Photo Editor Apss. For both Android and IOS phones, you can also call Adobe apps as photo edit karne ka sabse accha app.

Features of Adobe Lightroom

  • This app of Adobe can also be called the best photo editor app because this app changes the whole look of the photo,
  • Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor App features are slightly different from other apps,
  • The most important thing about this best photo editing app is that you can apply the effect in someone else’s photo by copying it on your photo in a single click, this copy effect is called Presets,
  • You can completely change the color of the smallest part of the photo.
  • Can also change the skin tone or color of the face,
  • You can reduce the noise color and vintage of the photo.
  • Mostly this app can be used to give the final touch to the photo.

Adobe Lightroom Download – This app can also be used for free by searching Adobe Lightroom in Android and iOS user store.

#4 Adobe Photoshop Express Photo Editing App

This is also a photo making app coming from Adobe, but due to a slightly different filter from the rest, many people use it, let’s know what are its features,

Features of Adobe Photoshop Express

  • In this you can also increase or decrease the exposure of the filter,
  • You can blur the background of the photo as well as adjust the blur accordingly.
  • Different types of frames are available in Photoshop Express Editor which you can use on your photos,
  • You can put your own watermark on the photo.

Adobe Photoshop Express Download – This photo making app can be downloaded on both Android phone and Apple phone, to download, search in the phone’s store app Adobe Photoshop Express.

#5 Polarr Photo Editor App

The Polarr Editor app is just like Adobe Lightroom and gives you unique filters that stand out from the top 5 photo editing apps , and it’s a bit advanced compared to other apps if you’re already an expert in video editing. may be best for you,

Features of Polarr Editor App

  • Like the Adobe Light Room app, you will be able to change the color, skin tone of the photo in detail,
  • The most different and unique filters are found,
  • You can also adjust the Details, Vintage, Grain, Noise, Fringing, Toning, HSL of the photo.

Polarr Editor Download – You can download by searching Polarr in Google’s Play Store and App Store.

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